Born 1986, Leeds / Lives and works, London

MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art
BA(hons) Theatre Practice – Performance Arts, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London



All my best artworks start with a blue plastic bag @ Flipside, FOLD, London

The Making of Her @ RCA Show 2018, Royal College of Art, London

Good Game @ Unperforming 11, Toynbee Studios, London

Notes on Rage @ Too Much Information, Seventeen, London

I am my own sculpture @ Launch of Perpetual Inventory, Vol. 3, Filet Space, London


Notes on Rage: A Public Address, 2017 @ People Show Presents, Toynbee Studios, London and Purple Velvet, Royal College of Art, London 

Encaustic Imprint #33 Annual Open Exhibition, CGP London

Account @ Death: A Portrait, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

Klub Singers’ Klassik Karaoke Klub @ Royal College of Art, London

Local Heroes: Buttershaw BlobbyPrinting the City, South Square Centre, Bradford

Sweet HeaveI WANT MY IDEAL PASTE, KELDER Projects, London

trashy viscoussister I WANT MY IDEAL PASTE, KELDER Projects, London

Swell @ RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, London

DIY NAIL BAR Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire

Tory SlimeLOCK IN, The Old Police Station, London

InVálid WHITE NOISE, Royal College of Art, London

Sweet Heave @ The Surround, SET Space Capstan House, London

Structural ReorganisationSEASONS, Maxilla Space, London

One Tit Art Borders BordersEdinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court, Edinburgh

Der Streifen @ PUDERPINK, Puderraum, Berlin

Fold @ Work In Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London


Curtains @ Cabaret Mélancolique, Peckham Liberal Club, London

Five Slow Girls in Heels @ Talent Show RCA, The Draft House, London

Playing the Victim, LADA DIY workshop in collaboration with Katherine Araniello, London

Carrion, carrion @ Life. Death. Whatever, Sutton House (National Trust), London

After Anne, After Angst @ Sight, Site, Sound, curated by Tendayi Vine, Art Licks Weekend 2016, The Nines, Peckham, London

Let’s… Play… Darts @ Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire

Carrion, carrion (solo exhibition) @ 38b Projects, London

Konceptual Pub Kwiz @ Sorry About Last Night, curated by It’s All Tropical for Art Sheffield 2016, The Washington, Sheffield

Klub Singers’ Klass(n)ik Karaoke Bar Artists Behind Bars, Matt’s Gallery, London

Agnes Clout’s Fun Pub Quiz I Am No Bird opening event, South Square Gallery, Bradford

The artist in her studio – Eating Machine @ Safehouse 2, London

Chips and Gravy – MiLK @ Muse, London


Que Sewaaah – Cabaret Melancolique, London

Poor Replica – Beg, Borrow, Steal #7, Safehouse 1, London

The Reluctant Tribute Act Rejected by an Ideal Idol (film) – shown at Live!art Slashbod Lemoncrit Partytime, Toynbee Studios, London

Number 23: A Study – Bookish at 38b Projects, London

Tracey’s Tarot – Cambridge Junction

Your New Local with Our Laura – Bare Plume Café Bar, Supernormal Festival

Veronica ‘Roni’ Gardenia (compere persona) – Threadfest, Bradford

Red, White Rose and Baby Blue – BEG, BORROW, STEAL #6 – Spit it Out at Toynbee Studios, London 

An invitation (let’s just do it) – Radio Anti // Domestic Transmissions at 38b, London


Kawaoke Kwithmath – Steakhouse Live: Tits and Tinsel, Redchurch Street, London

puella habitat in futuro – the Centre For Remote Possibilities and live webcast at Matt’s Gallery, London

Donna Kebab & Chips – IS/N’T IT curated by Compass Live Art at Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, Bradford

InVálid – Edge of Human – a performance project by Lucy Woodhouse, Los Angeles 2019, London

A brief history of alter-egos, presented by a narcissist – BEG, BORROW, STEAL #5 – Alter-ego Maniacs at Toynbee Studios, London

Klub Singers’ Klassik Karaoke Klub – Art Licks Weekend at Peckham Liberal Club, London

Carriage – a walking performance as part of Art Licks Weekend 2014, London

Unsavoury compere – BEG, BORROW, STEAL #4 – Riot Grrrlz not Quiet Grrrlz at Dilston Grove, London

Klub Singers’ Klassik Karaoke Klub – Impossible Lecture stage at Beacons Festival, Yorkshire

The Perfect Crime – Steakhouse Jam at IdeasFromElse[W]here, Winns Gallery, London

InVálid – DRY TIDE – ENACT FLUIDITY at Le 6b, Saint Denis, Paris, curated by Christine Cheung

Poor me, Pour moi, Pour me another – DRY TIDE – ENACT FLUIDITY at Le 6b, Saint Denis, Paris, curated by Christine Cheung

WASTE – performance to video / installation, We Are Not Friends at Platform One Gallery, London, curated by Luke Drozd and Michael Lawton

If you look at it that way – The Tetley, Leeds

Why can’t I say te iubesc? – Art Pendeo Group Show curated by Sarah Gavin at Peckham Springs, London

Madame Croque – BEG, BORROW, STEAL #3 – An evening of oratory at Toynbee Studios, London

iuvenes adeste (you-when-‘A’s-ADD-est-eh?) – Chelsea Theatre, London


iuvenes adeste (you-when-‘A’s-ADD-est-eh?) – sample performance – HATCH, Primary 1-2-1 at Primary, Nottingham

Why can’t I say “te iubesc”?  – ] performance s p a c e [ London

Where he lay his head – BEG, BORROW, STEAL #2 at Dilston Grove, London

Primal – Beach, Ventnor Fringe Festival, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Donna Kebab & Chips – Scott’s Hairdresser’s, Ventnor Fringe Festival, Ventnor, Isle of Wight / SPRINT Festival at Camden People’s Theatre, London / SMASH LAB at The Book Club, London

Red, White Rose and Baby Blue – Black Dogs Publication Launch at 118 Dalston Lane, London

Ask Aunty Pam – contribution to Black Dogs Publication Grim Up North / Shit Down South

(Live) Artists Don’t Think About Sight Lines (do they?) – What Does Performance Art Want? Conference at Wimbledon School of Art, London / A Portrait of Modern Movement at The Visual Collective Space, London, curated by Sarah Gavin / Art Pendeo

Best in Show – LUPA FETE, London

InVálid – ] performance s p a c e [, London / Untouchable at The Flying Dutchman, London curated by Franko B and ] performance s p a c e [

Ruby Tombs One Off Reunion Gig – Threadfest at 1in12 Club, Bradford

In Hetero (film)

iuvenes adeste (you-when-‘A’s-ADD-est-eh?) sample performance – SAMPLED Festival at The Junction, Cambridge

Finding the frog in my throat – Supper Club at The Basement, Brighton


(Live) Artists Don’t Think About Sight Lines (do they?) – LUPA, London

NOT AGAIN – 5 Minute Festival at Lost Theatre, London

SPATIAL AWARENESS (film) – COSMOS, a Rare Doings event curated by Elena Colman at The Montpelier London

The Outsider – Late Night Art event curated by Sinéad O’Donnell at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

Donna Kebab & Chips – Ventnor Laundrette, Ventnor Fringe Festival, Ventnor, Isle of Wight


I WANT MY IDEAL PASTE (self-published limited edition zine designed by Melanie Börner to support the exhibition of the same name at KELDER Projects, London)

Poetry Nights II (The Society Club, London), ed. Chip Martin

Fanriot (independent zine), ed. Owen G. Parry

Number 23 (self-published limited edition zine)

Poor Lass (independent zine)





BEG, BORROW, STEAL #7 – neither present nor absent, neither dead nor alive – Safehouse 1, London, December

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #6 – Spit it Out – Toynbee Studios, London, April


BEG, BORROW, STEAL #5 Alter-ego Maniacs – Toynbee Studios, London, October

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #4 – Riot Grrrlz not Quiet Grrrlz – Dilston Grove, London, August

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #3 – An Evening of Oratory – Toynbee Studios, London, March


BEG, BORROW, STEAL #2 – Degenerates – Dilston Grove, London, August

GOING BEGGING – Arts Bar & Café, Toynbee Studios, July

BEG, BORROW, STEAL #1 – The Outsider – Dilston Grove, London, April


The Circuit Project – Arts Bar & Cafe, Toynbee Studios, London, March



in A Capsid Walks into a Bar by John Walter, premieres May 2018 at CGP London


in Weird Séance by Daniel Oliver, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

in The Araniello Show by Katherine Araniello at BUZZCUT Festival, Glasgow


in The Araniello Show by Katherine Araniello at Steakhouse Live: Longer, Wetter, Faster, Better, Rich Mix, London

in Weird Séance by Daniel Oliver, Norwich Arts Centre / Lakeside Theatre, Essex / Colchester Arts Centre / Live Art Bistro, Leeds / Queen Mary University, London / CCA, Glasgow


for Katherine Araniello, performing Wheelchair Dependent by SickBitchCrips, Live Art Development Agency, London and Live Art Bistro, Leeds

with Live Art Bistro as compere at Under the Owls festival, Millenium Square, Leeds

in Ourhouse – Time (film) by Nathaniel Mellors

with Katherine Araniello in I Can’t Dance, performance/workshop, as part of New Empowering School curated by Project ‘O’, Artsadmin Toynbee Studios, London

with Holly Slingsby in her solo exhibition Behind the Curtain, Tintype Gallery, London

with Tammy WhyNot / Lois Weaver at the Wellcome Collection, London

for Katherine Araniello – (voiceover) Audio Description – The Dinner Party Revisited DVD


in The Sound of Coffee, for The Frozen Music Collective/Lumen, London

as collaborator/devisor/performer in People Show 127: Hands Off, with People Show, Toynbee Studios, London

with Holly Slingsby at the exhibition You cannot step twice into the same river, Pump House Gallery, London

in The Dinner Party Revisited by Katherine Araniello, Toynbee Studios/Southbank Centre, London,

with Ann Liv Young at Duckie’s Gay Shame and Lesbian Weakness, The Electric, London

in Oh What a Lovely, Lovely Ward!, film by Katherine Araniello, produced by Artsadmin for Channel 4


in Meet the Marys with The Femmes Fatales at Open School East, London

in How 2 Become 1 by The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, Latitude Festival, Suffolk

in A portion of your strength by Holly Slingsby, Totemic Festival, The Freud Museum, London

in Dr. Gentle and Mr. Man (film) by Seung Youn Lee, The Bite Back Movement


in SPLAT! by The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, LABAN, London

in SCHOOL OF CHANGE – installation by Jennet Thomas, Matt’s Gallery, London

with The Rainbow Collectors – festivals throughout the UK



Filming on location – The High Places, Holly Slingsby, Kunst Vardo commission


Matt’s Gallery, London Archive Project – short documentary film for Matt’s Gallery, London made with the Common Practice Video Network


Artist’s Assistant to Katherine Araniello

Artist’s Assistant to Richard Butchins

Artist’s Assistant to Daniel Oliver – Awkwoods: A Rural Retreat and Weird Séance, Norwich, Colchester, Leeds, Glasgow

Freelance admin, website and social media marketing assistance at CGP London

Visiting Lecturer – Access All Areas, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

Camera person for Holly Slingsby, commission for Kunst Vardo

Freelance website assistance and video editing at Matt’s Gallery, London

Visiting Lecturer, BA(hons) Theatre Practice – Performance Arts, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Programming Assistant, Arts Bar & Café, Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin, London

Collaborator, People Show 127: Hands Off, People Show, London

Stage Manager, People Show 121: The Detective Show, People Show, The Old Red Lion Theatre, London

Collaborator, People Show 124: Fallout, People Show London

Production Assistant / Stage Manager, A Tender Subject by Mark Storor, Artangel, London

Stanley Picker Trainee, Matt’s Gallery, London

Assistant Producer, Artsadmin, London