Donna Kebab & Chips (2012-2014)

Donna Kebab & Chips at SMASH LAB by Ludovic des Cognets

Laura created a performance for the Ventnor Fringe Festival on the Isle of Wight on 16 August 2012. She presented her two newest characters, Donna Kebab & Chips for the first time in Ventnor Launderette. Since then, the terrible twosome have appeared at

Smash Lab @ The Book Club, London – 5 February 2013

Milk Presents’ LuckyDip: FlipSide @ The Point, Eastleigh – 12 February 2013

SPRINT Festival @ Camden People’s Theatre, London – 16 March 2013

Ventnor Fringe Festival @ Scott’s Hairdresser’s, Ventnor – 16, 17 August 2013

IS/N’T IT @ Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, a Compass Live Art event – 6 December 2014

Donna Kebab & Chips is a mute performer, half woman, half object. Donna – a woman/mother/daughter/wife (living) is indelibly attached to her man/husband/father/son Chips (a grotesque manipulation fastened to Donna’s arm and knee). Sitting somewhere between irritated conjoined twins and matrimonial bliss, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. They animatedly present an insight into a monotonous domestic conversation, which takes place across the battle line of the hetero-normative gender divide. They wash their dirty laundry in public and they forget how to behave, who to represent and what they are trying to tell you (or each other). Using language constructed from soap operas, essays, interviews, stage plays and love poetry, this puppet and master are the foul-mouthed, cig-burned, twisted little sibling of a classic club turn. Keith and Orville, Rod and Emu, Cannon and Ball and the Krankies ain’t got nuffin’ on this pair.

In 2016, following a hiatus, Laura got Chips out of the closet and reinvented herself, performing as Chips & Gravy at MiLK @ Muse, London. 

Laura can perform either as Donna Kebab & Chips or Chips & Gravy in launderettes, theatres, pubs or domestic spaces far and wide. If you have any suggestions get in touch and follow the activities of Donna and Chips by liking their page on Facebook.

Laura also took Donna and Chips to Belfast in September 2012, where she performed an original and site-responsive piece The OutsiderRead more about it by clicking the link.

Image above: Donna Kebab & Chips at SMASH LAB VIII. Photo by Ludovic des Cognets