Working Podclasst (2019)

Working Podclasst is a conversation by and for people who identify as Working Class or from a Working Class background and who exist, somehow, in this magical kingdom we call “The Art World”. Hosted by artists and art-workers Benji Jeffrey and Laura Dee Milnes, each episode will revolve around a topic relating to this theme.

Expect Northern lilts and plenty of chips on shoulders (with gravy).

Listen to the first episode on Spotify, iTunes and beyond! Or visit to listen via our website.

Conversations in Working Podclasst delve into a variety of issues and experiences all too common to those of us who are “common”, exploring and understanding the conditions that exist in the arts and the repercussions they have on people who come from a place of less privilege. Having encountered a severe lack of discourse around this issue we feel an urgent need to talk about it publicly – a feeling shared by many who have contacted us since our first broadcast as part of Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019. 

We hope to create a resource which will help connect ideas and people and perhaps influence institutional policy and provisions in the arts for people with a lower socio-economic status. Intersectionality is vital to us and we have a list of people we wish to have conversations with, who reflect the diversity of the “working class”. 

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