People Show 127: Hands Off (2014)

Lyndal Marwick, Jack Trow and Laura Dee Milnes People Show 127: Hands Off, 2014

Laura has worked with legendary pioneers of experimental theatre People Show in various capacities since 2009. In 2014 she collaborated with the company again, co-devising and performing in their 127th show, Hands Off at Toynbee Studios, London in November 2014.

“Over one billion people in the world are playing video games at this moment. We want to win, we want to see what’s around the next corner and we want to see how it will end.

Hands Off examines the world of digital gaming and the immeasurable realities it offers. In a series of scenarios both funny and unsettling in turn, it exposes the power relationships between gamer and game, player and controller.

Hands Off features three generations of People Show artists.” – PS127: Hands Off flyer

Devised by: Gareth Brierley, George Khan, Jack Trow, Jessica Worrall, Laura Dee Milnes, Lyndal Marwick and Rob Kennedy

Additional material by: Fiona Creese, Spencer Cowan

Performed by: Gareth Brierley, George Khan, Jack Trow, Laura Dee Milnes and Lyndal Marwick

Video by: Rob Kennedy

Design by: Jessica Worrall

Assistant Designer: Emma Tompkins

Lighting by: Nigel Edwards