Poor me, Pour moi, Pour me another (2014)

A still from Pour me, Pour moi, Pour me another by Laura Dee Milnes (2014)

Laura Dee Milnes, Poor me, Pour moi, Pour me another (2014) still from video of performance at DRY TIDE – Enact Fluidity, Le 6b, Paris

A short performance, made in response to travels around Paris in Summer 2014. The artist composed several positions and transitions between them from observations of visibly vulnerable people around Paris during the days and nights of her stay in the city. These formed a sequence of movement that travelled throughout the exhibition in an artists’ studio complex and gallery, which was once a factory in the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris.

Presented at DRY TIDE – Enact Fluidity, Le 6b, Paris, 17 June 2014.



1. lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.
“they were too poor to afford a telephone”
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“many people are eating a very poor diet”
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