iuvenes adeste (you-when-‘A’s-ADD-est-eh?) (2013/2014)

iuvenes adeste (2013) by Laura Dee Milnes. Photo by Ben Ripley

Image above: Laura Dee Milnes, iuvenes adeste (2014). Photo by Ben Ripley


Starting it’s early life as an intimate meeting between performer and two audience, performed at Cambridge Junction and Hatch in 2013, iuvenes.. flowered into a full length theatrical outing, presented at Chelsea Theatre as part of the Fresh Blood season in February 2014. Created in collaboration with Niall O’Riain (performer), Liv Wright (scenographer) and Nigel Edwards (lighting designer).

“…adolescent Laura herself – in the headmistress’ account – has some of the makings of a serial killer, obsessive stalker or (at the very least) a serious contender on The Apprentice. That most secondary school pupils probably still have to adopt these qualities just to survive their five years in the playgrounds might be the real point of the piece…”

– Wayne Burrows, “Take Your Partners”, hatchnottingham.wordpress.com

Tuesday 4 Feb / Wednesday 5 Feb 2014
Chelsea Theatre, World’s End Place, London SW10 0DR

Dear Audience,

Laura was absent from school yesterday because she was writing her own lesson plan…

At every school she enrolled in, Laura Dee Milnes was always The Kid Who Wasn’t There. A master of playing truant, she cultivated a baffling 30-50% attendance record. Ten years late for class, she is going back to school In an attempt to analyse her messy breakup with education.

A visual performance underwritten by poetry, discussion and comic storytelling, iuvenes adeste combines autobiography with a participatory experience. Laura invites you to come back to school with her, ten years late and without an excuse.

Performed and created by Laura Dee Milnes, Niall O’Riain & Liv Wright