puella habitat in futuro (2014-2015)

Cassandra - puella habitat in futuro (2013) by Laura Dee Milnes. Photo by the artist.

In December 2014, Laura was invited by artist and curator Craig Barnes to perform an original work in the Centre for Remote Possibilities – an original, restored futuro house resting on the roof of Matt’s GalleryLondon as part of the Revolver II series of exhibitions. Inspired by the indefinable nature of the spacecraft-like hub of artistic activity hovering on the skyline of Mile End, Laura chose to inhabit the pod for a day. She imported clothes, accessories, wigs, electronic instruments and a wide range of general household, kitchen and beauty appliances in an effort to make her home for the day a shiny bubble of “all mod cons”. Visitors to the futuro came and went as Laura tried out her makeup, wigs and clothes in an effort to find the perfect alter-ego for the environment. Eventually, she discovered Cassandra, an anachronistic throwback, a confused visual patchwork of 20th century archetypes, revolving around the image of a young, upwardly mobile, post-feminist domestic goddess who never breaks a nail.