Let’s… Play… Darts. (2016)

Laura Dee Milnes, Let's… Play… Darts… (2016) at Supernormal Festival

Participatory performance and installation at Supernormal Festival 2016

Following hosting Your New Local with Our Laura at Supernormal 2015 in the Bare Plume Café, Laura brought Let’s… Play… Darts. a pop-up, interactive installation, celebrating the art of dart to Supernormal 2016. This ready-made mini-Lakeside was (wo)manned by the infamous Dee, compere extroadinaire (and assisted by the ravishing Rhiannon), coaching festival-goers in the construction of a darts persona, along the lines of Phil “The Power” Taylor or Ted Hankey aka “The Count”. The installation was a pit stop at which to show off, dress up and live the life of a champion for five minutes. Each participant had the chance to reinvent themselves with a costume, nickname and choice of intro music (e.g. Eye of the Tiger, I’ve Got the Power etc) under expert guidance. After brief training in the sport and performance of darts, they had the opportunity to be formally and loudly introduced, strut to the oche (in costume) to their theme tune and throw their arrows to cheers and applause. Everyone’s a winner.

Images: Let’s… Play… Darts. (2016), Laura Dee Milnes. Photos by the artist and Tom Railton.