After Anne, After Angst (2016)


Durational performance installation as part of Art Licks Weekend 2016, at The Nines, Peckham, London

“Anne, I have to tell you, you’re my current fave. You blow me away. You rock my boat. You sink my teeth. You make me anxious. Can I have your autograph? Can I be in your band? Are you real?”


A live exploration of the cult of the artist, After Anne, After Angst is one artist’s attempt to explain another’s work – a moving, flailing, inadequate review in physical form. A laptop full of images and a room full of failures was left open to anyone wanting to understand just what they missed out on by not seeing Anne Imhof’s Angst II at Hamburger Bahnhof. Assisted by a poor selection of props, a laptop, some speakers and some memories (all stolen), a performance of obsession, passion and art fandom played out in the back room of a bar.

Image above: Anne Imhof’s Angst II, Hamburger Bahnhof, 18 September 2016. Meme/photo by Laura Dee Milnes.

Images above: After Anne, After Angst (2016), Laura Dee Milnes. Photos by the artist, Tom Railton and Phil Swan (see individual photos for credits).