Tracey’s Tarot (2015)

Laura Dee Milnes as Tracey (2014)

Laura was invited to the launch of Cambridge Junction’s Autumn season to perform for audience in the foyer of the arts centre in between excerpts from their upcoming in-house and visiting shows. She decided to arrive as Tracey, offering Tarot readings for guests, predicting their future outings to theatre, dance and spoken word at Cambridge Junction, based upon their personalities and, of course, the alignment of the planets and stars.

Image above: Laura Dee Milnes, Puella habitat in futuro (still) (2014-15). Photo courtesy of the artist.

Laura Dee Milnes performing Tracey's Tarot (2015) at Cambridge Junction

Image: Laura Dee Milnes, Tracey’s Tarot (2015) at Cambridge Junction. Photo courtesy of the artist.