If you look at it that way (2014)

If you look at it that way by Laura Dee Milnes (2014)

Image above: Laura Dee Milnes, If you look at it that way(2014). Photo by the artist

An interactive, site-responsive performance presented at The Tetley, Leeds at the invitation of artist Rob Kennedy, who was undertaking A New Reality: Part 2 residency in the building throughout April 2014. 

The artist attempted to be incognito for several hours at the opening of Ben Cain and Rob Kennedy’s exhibitions at The Tetley on 11 April 2014. Having spent a day investigating the details and hidden corners of the building, she observed the guests and documented them from a distance across corridors and stairwells. After observing their behaviour she selected five people (one every half an hour) to invite to explore a part of the building with her which may have been overlooked or off limits. Artist and participant held an intimate conversation about the nature of the building, its history, its current uses, contemporary art and people watching. Each participant was invited to document their visit to their own particular part of the building. A video comparing the artist’s documentation to that of her invited participants is currently being made, underscored by reflections by the artist about the conversations and encounters she had that evening in that very specific place and time.

Laura collaborated with artist Mike Ainsworth, who was a performer in these interventions and encounters.

Image above: Laura Dee Milnes, If you look at it that way(2014). Photo by participant