Laura incorporates text into many areas of her practice. She is passionate about the simultaneous complexity and mundanity of words (be they spoken or written) as well as grammatical playfulness, the poetry of every day conversation, the impact of slogans, sayings and proverbs, dialects, the evolution of slang and the possibilities of morphing, twisting, expanding and visualising the word on the page, in the mouth and out loud.

You can read Laura’s poetry and some other writings on her blog appeartodisappear.com. Recently her work has been featured in publications including Poor Lass Zine (edited by Seleena Laverne Daye and Em Ledger), Fanzine Concept!Editorial (published by Fukin’ Fan Riot Press, edited by Owen G. Parry) and Poetry Nights II (published by The Society Club, edited by Chip Martin).

In the past, she has contributed articles for Artsonline where she wrote about her experiences in and out of work, her various artistic adventures and how she felt about being on the bottom rung of the arts ladder as an emerging artist and producer. She has also previously written film reviews for filmjuice.com and movieramblings.com, and has contributed to publications by the National Campaign for the Arts.


Image: Laura Dee Milnes, Self portrait, in the office (2011) (detail)