Five Slow Girls in Heels (2016)

A performance of text, sound, music and heels by Laura Dee Milnes and Phil Swan. Could have involved any or all of the following:

I feel death keenly
At this time
Each little tragedy,
That shall be little
Because not my own,
Becomes my grieving

I am sugar glass
Susceptible to every vibration,
Liable to shatter
Into instant dust.
I try to stay in silence
But the white noise
Pervades and perverts my
Unattainable calm

These times, when I
Yearn for padding,
Cladding and softness,
Walls to fall against
But not be hurt.
My thighs are bruised like
Battered brisket,
I feel on the verge
Of broken
But barely hanging on,
And worse

I am this slippery thing,
I ramble
I reverberate
And nothing is ejected
It only trembles with me
And makes me feel absurd.
I am between
I am a wobble
Followed by a burst

Presented at Talent Show RCA, The Draft House, London, November 2016.

Images: Five Slow Girls in Heels (2016), Laura Dee Milnes and Phil Swan. Photos by Sijong Kim