Carrion, carrion (2016)


Laura Dee Milnes, Impression (2016) (detail)Solo exhibition and performances at 38b Projects, London / Group exhibition at Sutton House, London

Carrion, carrion is a physical study of death and ontology, prompted by the artist’s very personal experience, exploring the transition of body to carcass, a metamorphosis that uncannily mirrors the transformative experience of mourning. The site of the exhibition becomes host to an assemblage of remnants, some found, some fabricated. Each work is layered delicately on top of the existing space, sitting comfortably among but not intruding on what is already present. The exhibition has been presented twice; firstly at 38b Projects as a solo exhibition (July 2016) and later, framed in the pseudo-domestic setting of the recreated ‘squat’ at Sutton House as part of Life. Death. Whatever, a group exhibition and programme of events (October 2016). In both cases, the artist performed several works within the exhibition, including Tonsure, a ritual head-shaving and Imbibe, a participatory ceremonial address.

The works draw upon physical manifestations of grief, and an exploration of the taboo reality of the human body, post mortem – the dead body as matter, material and object. The artist wishes to make manifest processes that seem incomprehensible and unpleasant, yet beautiful and inevitable, creating conversation between sculpture, performance, text, sound and what has been left behind.

Image above: Laura Dee Milnes, Simulacrum (detail) (2016).

Photographs by the artist, unless otherwise specified.