(Live) Artists Don’t Think About Sight Lines (Do They?) (2012/2013)

LUPA 14 (c) Hydar Dewachi

(Live) Artists Don’t Think About Sight Lines (Do They?) (2012/2013) by Laura Dee Milnes at LUPA 14. Photo by Hydar Dewachi.

A short, interactive performance with props and no dialogue.

Laura has performed her pop-up, unannounced protest performance at LUPA 14 (Lock Up Performance Art), London on 14 December 2012, A Portrait of Modern Movement at the Visual Collective Space, London curated by Art Pendeo on 6 June 2013 and at What Does Performance Art Want? at Wimbledon School of Art on 20 June 2013.

Laura attempts to communicate with her audience via pre-made flashcards, playing with intimacy and exclusion through simple statements and questions. As she does so, she engages and disengages in equal measure, resulting in an impromptu and unceremonious crescendo, which is as easily overlooked as it is impossible to ignore.