BEG, BORROW, STEAL (2013 – 2015)



BEG, BORROW, STEAL events are carefully constructed programmes of performance art, curated by Laura Dee Milnes and featuring a host of artists from dark corners, glittery stages, white-walled galleries and gravelly gutters. So far, seven BBS events have taken place, at CGP London Dilston Grove, Toynbee Studios, and most recently at Safehouse 1 in Peckham.

You can find out more about BBS events and view documentation of the artworks that have been part of the programme at Keep up to date with future events by joining the mailing list.

“For centuries, it has been widely recognised that many who create that anomaly known as “art” may well be looked upon as outsiders, deviants, depraved or mad …and vice versa. BEG, BORROW, STEAL will call upon the spirits of famous artistic, professional (and only sometimes deceased) degenerates such as Genet, Bataille, Orridge, Artaud, Kahlo, Wilde, Emin, Camus, Darger, DeLarverie, Bacon and Duchamp (to name a few).” – BBS #1

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Image: BEG, BORROW, STEAL #1 Flyer, designed by Rachel Dowle